Vaping e-cig online sale now banned in China

The recent order came from the bureau of tobacco monopoly in China urges taobao and other online biz platform to ban the shop from selling vaping related goodies.

Although it’s not clear if such monopoly bureau has the power to urge taobao, or to ban a non-tobacco product, the emerging of this smoking alternative clearly hit the tobacco consuming market and as a consequence, the revenue of the industry and the government.

The government tried to pose as this order is meant to protect the youth from getting vaping device, they surely forget to say what they have done on traditional tobacco prevention. And they quote the example took place in several states of the U.S, “abusing vaping could be fatal” as they cited, ignoring the people were actually vaping the THC.

It’s just another example that i found irony on our government, for this time, i choose to quit smoking burning cigarettes, for the clear reason and with a much stronger determination.


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