Will you turn yourself in just for guilty conscience ?

Kim, I am so sorry to see you in this, really.

Just watched Better Call Saul S06E12 Waterworks.

Some Quick Thoughts :

Yes you showed me the High brought by drugs, and with your storytelling, I am now feeling the despair from abstinence. Lu Xun once said, ” a tragedy is to tear the good thing apart and show it to us.” And for this time you choosed Kim, when I heard her filthy husband was yelling yep on her body, I think you, Vince Gilligan, you really did it.

This guy, is he any good ?

Even for Hollywood producers, a morality play or ending is always a safe bet. To achieve this, to hell with the logic, Why would Kim leave Saul the money on sandpiper settlement ? And Why would Saul take the deal like without any hesitation ? Those are not Kim nor Saul I know from the previous episodes. Where are the commitments between them ? Remember shortly after Kim decided to quit her practicing, Saul was begging her. How come the sudden change on Saul ?

I remembered years before I was arguing with people on characters between Chuck and James. I was not giving away my believes on the transformation of Slipping Jimmy and his idol wife. Now, I have to. It seems you are arranging the plot purposely against people’s prophesies and even at a cost of denial on goodness tendency. I didn’t see any color in the future timelines because you stabbed my eyes.

A heart-breaking masterpiece !

Twilight Zone Review S01E01


Basically my hunches on s01e01 the Comedian are like the hidden referring to Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business, and maybe Death Note (actually it’s easier for Wassen by just saying their names). With all due respect, but i will say this adaption from the original episode is not quite successful. Like if the plot is meant to have a moral ending at a cost of logical integrity, Why not try introducing JC Wheeler at the very end ? Everything would be back to normal after his vanish, and Samir would learn his lesson too, and alive. Maybe I am just too smart to be a screenplay critic.