In memory of Mikhail Gorbachev, a leader who really loved his people

“ We have retreated from the perennial values. I don’t think that we need any new values. The most important thing is to try to revive the universally known values from which we have retreated.
As a young man, I really took to heart the Communist ideals. A young soul certainly cannot reject things like justice and equality. These were the goals proclaimed by the Communists. But in reality that terrible Communist experiment brought about repression of human dignity. Violence was used in order to impose that model on society. In the name of Communism we abandoned basic human values. So when I came to power in Russia I started to restore those values; values of “openness” and freedom. ”

Will you turn yourself in just for guilty conscience ?

Kim, I am so sorry to see you in this, really.

Just watched Better Call Saul S06E12 Waterworks.

Some Quick Thoughts :

Yes you showed me the High brought by drugs, and with your storytelling, I am now feeling the despair from abstinence. Lu Xun once said, ” a tragedy is to tear the good thing apart and show it to us.” And for this time you choosed Kim, when I heard her filthy husband was yelling yep on her body, I think you, Vince Gilligan, you really did it.

This guy, is he any good ?

Even for Hollywood producers, a morality play or ending is always a safe bet. To achieve this, to hell with the logic, Why would Kim leave Saul the money on sandpiper settlement ? And Why would Saul take the deal like without any hesitation ? Those are not Kim nor Saul I know from the previous episodes. Where are the commitments between them ? Remember shortly after Kim decided to quit her practicing, Saul was begging her. How come the sudden change on Saul ?

I remembered years before I was arguing with people on characters between Chuck and James. I was not giving away my believes on the transformation of Slipping Jimmy and his idol wife. Now, I have to. It seems you are arranging the plot purposely against people’s prophesies and even at a cost of denial on goodness tendency. I didn’t see any color in the future timelines because you stabbed my eyes.

A heart-breaking masterpiece !